Please follow our step-by-step guide to using Ceredigion Housing Options.

Before starting you will need to know

  • Your National Insurance Number

  • Your past address history for at least the last 5 years including dates

  • Your local connection details to Ceredigion

  • Your Income and savings details

  • What areas you want to live in

  • Medical Information, if applicable
  • Employment details, if applicable

Then you will need to register

For Registration you will need to provide

  • Your Date of Birth

  • Current Address Details

  • Set a memorable Date

    • You will need this to log back in to view/amend your application or view any messages from the Housing Register

    • You may choose any date but make sure it is one that you will remember

  • Set a password

    • You will also need this to log back in to view/amend your application or view any messages from the Housing Register

    • Your password MUST contain at least

      • 2 uppercase letters

      • 2 numbers

      • Lower case letters

      • And must be between 6 and 10 characters

At the end of registration you will be given a unique LOGIN REFERENCE. Remember to note this as you will need it along with your memorable date and password to access your account in future.

Following Registration you may either

  • Complete a Housing Options Wizard Assessment or

  • Complete a Social Housing Application (This also includes access to the Common Housing Register, The Older Persons Housing Register and the Affordable Housing Register).

Completing a Social Housing Application

Before completing your application please take note of the following information that you will need

Personal Details

Approximate Annual Income (including Pension)              This should include all income received including  pensions but should not include pension credits or any other benefits that you are in receipt of.

Joint Applicants and other Household members

Do you have any additional household members you would like to add?

Please remember to include details of all the people
who will be living with you including any children

Connection with Ceredigion

Please provide further details for the local connections indicated, with a focus on providing background to the statements that you selected for connections to Ceredigion and employment

Please include here

  • Details of your Employer name address and dates for employment in any previous posts, If you have been in continuous employment in Ceredigion for the last 5 years but your current employment is less than 5 years

  • The name and address of any close family and the dates that they lived in Ceredigion

  • The name and address of persons who need care or provide care

  • If you are a keyworker your job title.

Connection to Ceredigion Continued

You MUST select an area

If you do not have a local connection to any area select  the area you would like and then select

                Either    No Local Connection Homeless or

                              No Local Connection Other

You must enter at least a start date for the connection.

You must enter details in the text box provided

Past Addresses

You will need to enter a minimum of 5 years address history.

You must have the following for all addresses where you have lived

First line of Address
2nd Line of address
Post Code
Date you moved in
Date you moved out

You will not be able to proceed if there is more than 7 days gap between addresses

Income Details

Enter details of your current employment.

If your current employment is less than five years but you have been employed continuously in Ceredigion for the last five years please provide details of your previous employer in section 3. See above.

Housing Preferences

In order to be considered for Extra Care or Sheltered Accommodation you must indicate that you wish to be considered by selecting Yes.

You will only be asked about Extra Care or Sheltered accommodation if you or a member of your household is over 55 or over 45 and considers themselves to be disabled.

Your Preferred Areas

  • You may select up to 5 Areas in which you would like to live

  • If you refuse an offer of suitable accommodation in an area that you have chosen you will be assessed in the reduced preference Band F without review for 12 months. This will mean that you will not receive another offer during this period.

Application Confirmation

By Submitting the form you are confirming that the information is correct and that you have read the declarations contained before confirming.


Once your application has been submitted you will not be able to view or amend your application until it has been validated by a Housing Register Officer. The system will place your application in a default band, and will show your application as Under Review until the validation process is complete.